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      auto/config: abort if tails-custom-apt-sources failed. · d3d2b7e1
      intrigeri authored
      Currently the build of our devel branch fails in a confusing manner.
      tails-custom-apt-sources fails this way:
       + tails-custom-apt-sources
       base_branch: testing
       current_branch: devel
       In a base branch, config/base_branch must match the current branch.
      … but the build goes on, and fails later when we try installing packages
      that are only found in our custom APT repository, because no APT source
      pointing to that repository was set up.
      Let's avoid this and fail earlier when we know the build can't possibly succeed.
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      Merge base branch earlier, i.e. in auto/config instead of auto/build (refs: #14459). · 7396e42e
      intrigeri authored
      Previously, a given build from a topic branch would mix inconsistent versions
      of things. Most changes done in $topic_branch..$base_branch would be taken into
      account, but some would not, e.g. changes that affect:
       * everything we set up in auto/config, such as
          - copying tails-transform-mirror-url,
          - APT snapshots
          - debian/changelog, used by `apt-snapshots-serials prepare-build'
       * auto/build
      In practice, we've been suffering from some consequences of this problem
       * ISO build failed on documentation branches based on master;
       * topic branches fail to build building once the APT snapshots they encode
         disappears, even though their base branch encodes newer & valid APT
      This commit implements a cheap and partial fix: as stated on
      https://labs.riseup.net/code/issues/14459, the base branch merge still happens
      too late e.g. to take into account auto/config changes done in
      $topic_branch..$base_branch. Ideally we should do the base branch merge first
      thing in the build process, in a manner that's isolated from other build steps,
      so that *all* build code except the tiny script that performs the merge will be
      in the correct state.
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      Disable APT security sources. · 10faf568
      intrigeri authored
      Due to #12308 they currently break the build of releases based on
      feature/stretch (3.0~*). These sources are useless currently as Stretch has no
      security support yet.
      I'll file a ticket immediately about reverting this commit once debian-security
      has packages for Stretch.
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      Upgrader: use the alpha channel when the next version will be an alpha, beta, or RC. · ecfceac5
      intrigeri authored
      The basic idea here is to make it easy for users of 3.0~betaN to upgrade to the
      next beta or RC, without having to type any command-line, and without having to
      create UDFs for these upgrade paths on the "stable" update channel (that would
      feel wrong, wouldn't it?).
      Bonus: once this is in place, more generally we'll be able to update our release
      process doc+scripts to stop creating meaningless "stable" channel upgrades for
      RCs, such as upgrade/v1/Tails/2.10~rc1/i386/stable/upgrades.yml, that we have
      been needing so far since our RCs thought they were using the "stable"
      update channel.
      refs: #12206
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      Revert "Install Linux 4.7." · e4c35183
      anonym authored
      This reverts commits:
      * ab562fd4
      * c0bc655c
      * 80d0667a
      The last minute attempt to include it in Tails 2.6 was a bad (too hasty)
      idea, e.g. USB installations don't boot (pre-init results in
      "FAT-fs (sdb1): IO charset ascii not found"). Also it seems that the
      backport of Linux 4.7 hasn't gone through the proper Debian QA process.
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      Install the unsigned (w.r.t. Secure Boot) Linux kernel. · c0bc655c
      anonym authored
      I suppose the signed one will the default (without any suffix), but it
      is not available yet from Jessie backports.
      It's worth noting that the linux-image-amd64 package is not satisfied by
      the -unsigned packages yet, so we have to explicitly install the exact
      image version we want.
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      Upgrade to Linux 4.5. · 4eb604e7
      intrigeri authored
      This is essentially a squashed version of feature/8415-overlayfs, purged
      of its overlayfs-specific bits, and that fetches the kernel from
      jessie-backports (instead of from sid) to ease compiling out-of-tree and
      dkms modules. At this stage, the resulting ISO won't boot since it'll
      lack both aufs and overlayfs.
      refs: #10298
      To achieve that:
      * Install the 686 kernel flavour instead of the obsolete 586 one.
      * Rename the amd64 kernel via binary_local-hooks.
        lb_binary_syslinux depends on --linux-flavours, but we can't pass
        amd64 in there anymore (due to lack of multiarch support) so we need
        to rename the second (amd64) kernel ourselves.
      * APT, dpkg: add amd64 architecture. The amd64 kernel flavour is not
        built anymore for the i386 architecture, so we need to use
        multiarch now.
      * Temporary disable dkms modules building.
        Building them for the amd64 kernel requires installing an amd64
        toolchain, that conflicts with the i386 one and with lots of packages
        we need. Let's come back to it later (refs: #9969).
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      Save list of APT mirrors and additional sources to a dedicated file. · 396ad684
      intrigeri authored
      … and drop mere echo'ing of them to the build log.
      This will make it easier to debug builds: looking at a dedicated file is easier
      than finding the relevant info in a huge build log.
      At this point, it doesn't feel worth it to make the generated file
      machine-readable, but surely we can do it if/when we need that later on.
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