1. 10 Feb, 2015 1 commit
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      Run Tor Launcher in an unconfined Firefox. · 8adcfc21
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      Running Tor Launcher with the same AppArmor profile as Tor Browser would force
      us to open that profile too broadly. E.g. it requires the ability to run
      dbus-daemon, to give an idea.
       * Tor Launcher runs as a dedicated user
       * Tor Launcher runs very early, at a time when the user likely isn't doing
         anything sensitive to X keystrokes sniffing etc., and closes immediately
         after Tor is ready
       * Tor Launcher offers a very limited set of functionality
      => it seems safe enough to run it unconfined, at least for now.
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      Switch to tor+http:// APT sources at boot time instead of at build time (Will-Fix: #8715). · 716fd0b7
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      live-build expects to be the only one that manages APT sources.
      Since feature/8194-APT-socks was merged, we're breaking this assumption of its,
      by mangling APT sources under live-build's feet via chroot_local-hooks.
      More specifically, if:
         as is the case when building with Vagrant or when following our manual
         build setup instructions accurately (live-build defaults to
         ftp.de.debian.org for some of its APT configuration),
       * one has dropped .deb's in config/chroot_local-packages, as contributors
         without write access to our APT repository may want to do,
      then after completing the chroot_local-hooks stage, lb_chroot_sources would
      rewrite APT sources to match what we have previously configured (see the check
      at lines 490-498 in live-build 2.x tree), and therefore the ISO image would have
      http:// URLs configured instead of the expected tor+http://.
      Therefore, let's mangle APT sources configuration at boot time instead.
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