1. 09 Nov, 2017 7 commits
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      Remove the special treatment of span.title in Installation Assistant · 89a2c8ba
      sajolida authored
      Originally, the reasons for it was to make it possible to use bold and
      underline on some words in the titles. But:
      - Expert UX review told us that underline text was very often confused
        with links, while these titles are not clickable.
      - Bold is meant to easy scanning in text but headings should be
        themselves short enough not to need additional scanning.
      - They were style and aligned differently that everywhere else on our
        website and this inconsistency was no backed up with any good
      - Their content was 100% duplicate from [[!meta title and already caused
        painful maintenance work.
      So let's get rid of them, simplify our code, reduce content
      duplication, and increase style consistency.
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      Rename $scenario/overview into $scenario-overview · 58ffc960
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      That we have breadcrumbs instead of 'Back' buttons, the previous layout
      ($scenario/overview) created a parent link to the steps for this
      	install » linux » usb » Install from Linux: overview
      This commit makes them:
      	install » linux » Install from Linux: overview
      This will be especially useful for the upcoming download pages...
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      Replace 'Back' button with breadcrumbs · 60c37bf4
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      - This is more consistent with the rest of our website.
      - It provides more control to the user who can choose to go back further
        than one step.
      - It provides more information to the user.
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      Fix root font size in a stronger manner · 0867b482
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      - We started using the 'rem' unit in d5da86bc which is relative to the
        root font size defined for the <html> element.
      - Bootstrap forces this base font to 10px so we have to override this to
        prevent issues with rem combined with bootstrap.
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      Consistent indentation and spacing · 894b4441
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