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      IUK creation: delete temporary directory on success (refs: #15287) · 1501f638
      intrigeri authored
      tails-create-iuk previously left temporary files behind. In particular, even on
      success, the "squashfs_src" directory would remain on the filesystem.
      It's no big deal in general, but our build_IUKs Jenkins job runs
      tails-create-iuk as root with sudo, so the leftover temporary files are owned by
      root, and then the "workspace-cleanup" step (itself run as the "jenkins" user)
      can't delete them, which causes 2 problems:
       - These temporary files would endlessly accumulate on isobuilders,
         without any mechanism to clean them up automatically.
       - Confusing output in the Jenkins console:
            cannot remove path when cwd is /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/build_IUKs/j4gMvgS3wH for /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/build_IUKs/j4gMvgS3wH:  at /usr/share/perl/5.24/File/Temp.pm line 1583.
            Archiving artifacts
            [WS-CLEANUP] Deleting project workspace...
            Cannot delete workspace: null
            Option not to fail the build is turned on, so let's continue
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      IUK creation: only pass --xattrs to rsync when using overlayfs · a61ffaae
      intrigeri authored
      On our Stretch isobuilders, passing --xattrs to rsync when generating an
      aufs-based IUK makes it fail: setting xattrs on a file in an aufs filesystem
      raises an "operation not supported" error.
      We only need to preserve xattrs when building overlayfs-based IUKs,
      because aufs will lose them at mount time anyway.
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      Thunderbird: disable automatic fetch of email at login and in the background (refs: #17222) · ca2b6939
      intrigeri authored
      This replicates what Torbirdy did. It's not clear whether the benefits
      of this behavior outweigh the problematic UX impact of not being notified
      of new email automatically. We started discussing this on #17222 but
      we have not reached a clear conclusion/consensus yet, so for now,
      let's stick to the same behavior as previous versions of Tails,
      and come back to this discussion later.
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