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      Mount a dedicated tmpfs on /run/initramfs instead of trying to remount /run... · 290620df
      intrigeri authored
      Mount a dedicated tmpfs on /run/initramfs instead of trying to remount /run with the "exec" option (refs: #16097).
      My previous approach, i.e. "let's remount /run with the exec option via a unit
      file started as part of the shutdown procedure", worked just fine for clean
      shutdown. But it does not work for emergency shutdown, i.e. when the boot medium
      is physically removed: for some reason (possibly missing bits in the memlockd
      configuration), this service is not started, and then systemd-shutdown won't
      return to the initramfs because /run/initramfs/shutdown is not executable.
      So let's instead disregard /run and extract the initramfs into a dedicated
      tmpfs, that we mount on /run/initramfs (where systemd-shutdown will look for
      it), and that we mount without the "noexec" option.
      Also, remove manual calls to eject(1):
       - They increase chances that the shutdown process breaks due to missing
         files locked in memory by memlockd.
       - Their sole benefit is to ensure we physically eject the DVD. It's unclear if
         this code is still needed nowadays. Regardless, starting with Tails 3.12, the
         only supported use case for ISO and DVD is virtual machines, which are not
         targeted by the emergency shutdown feature, which is about removing the
         *physical* boot medium.
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      Fix memory erasure on shutdown with systemd v239 (refs: #16097). · 634e5a6d
      intrigeri authored
      Remounting /run with the "exec" option in /lib/systemd/system-shutdown/tails
      does not work anymore with systemd v239, while it worked at least until systemd
      v237. I could not find out why by reading systemd's NEWS file.
      So let's instead do this there:
       - For clean shutdown: in a new, dedicated service, started immediately before
         final.target, which itself is a synchronization point that ensures this
         service is started before the transition to systemd-shutdown and in turn to
         the initramfs, where we finish the unmounting and other clean ups needed to
         erase the memory.
       - For emergency shutdown: in the udev watchdog script, before calling the
         unclean shutdown code, which bypasses final.target and thus won't run
         tails-remount-run-exec.service. Too bad we have to duplicate this mount
         command but it seems that both instances will become unnecessary quickly
         enough, once systemd DTRT™. Another way would be to manually start
         tails-remount-run-exec.service from the udev watchdog script but I'm
         concerned it will be unreliable when the boot medium has been unplugged.
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