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      Consistently suggest forking us on Salsa. · 68a08803
      intrigeri authored
      In the past we recommended forking us on gitlab.com, which was the only mirror
      of our main Git repository (aka. tails.git) with a user-friendly "Fork" feature.
      Since then, we have another such mirror — Salsa — that we actively use and keep
      track of: for example, merge requests can be submitted there and the Foundations
      Team will review them. This increases the chances that other teams start to do
      the same there as well, until we've decided which GitLab instance will become
      the canonical location for our code in the future.
      This contrasts with gitlab.com, where we have disabled MRs on purpose.
      So, let's point new contributors to a mirror where they can use the common "fork
      and send a MR" workflow :)
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      Improve top-level heading · f449ddb1
      sajolida authored
      "Changes" has a probably stronger meaning as the first word in the title
      when put in parallel with "[New] features" and "[Fixed] problems".
      Upgrades are one type of changes.
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      Remove 1 depth of heading · f8ebf359
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      This "Change" section doesn't bring much and look especially weird in
      short release notes.
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      Add forms to search our public mailing lists on about/contact (refs: #9904). · 7b0d0340
      intrigeri authored
      Since more than 3 years, #9904 has been handled as part of #9900 ("Improve
      Website search"). I don't believe this approach is going anywhere because under
      the current assumption that our website must not use an external search engine,
      this would require ikiwiki to index the archive of our mailing lists. I don't
      think that's realistic (no progress on any of the ikiwiki-related subtasks
      of #9900 for years) and even if it were, I don't think it's a good use of our
      In the specific case of our public mailing lists, I believe we can skip the
      discussion about using an external search engine: our mailing lists are already
      hosted by a third party (Autistici/Inventati) and we already provide forms to
      subscribe to them, which POST to that third party. So adding another set of
      forms that POST to A/I's mailing list archive search engine does not make any
      difference in this respect.
      To improve UX, I'm using a placeholder that should help visitors of these web
      pages understand what the query string should look like (before they type
      anything), and a tiny bit of JavaScript that initializes the value to the
      required query prefix once the visitor has selected the search field.
      This requires disabling the htmlscrubber ikiwiki plugin on the affected pages.
      Finally, I'm wrapping these forms with <p>…</p>, otherwise the rendered layout
      is much too packed.
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      Make release notes writing instructions consistent with the implicit... · 31b7b34d
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      Make release notes writing instructions consistent with the implicit expectations of our release process doc (Closes: #16586)
      Our release process assumes that tech writers will push the release notes
      directly to the $WEBSITE_RELEASE_BRANCH (web/release-${TAG:?}) branch. But the
      tech writers doc told them to do something else. Let's resolve this conflict.
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