1. 09 Feb, 2016 7 commits
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      Move Tor Launcher env configuration. · 695ccf8a
      anonym authored
      It feels like it belongs better in the script where we actually start
      Tor Launcher than the wrapper that makes root invoke it in the way we
      want. Also, we have to think less about how sudo propagates
      environment variables so we can simplify its setup.
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      Fix typo in variable. · a3076f96
      anonym authored
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      Introduce TOR_LAUNCHER_INSTALL to the tor-browser library. · 36f9c2e6
      anonym authored
      To simplify some paths.
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      Move tor-launcher-standalone into /usr/local/lib. · 06bc2513
      anonym authored
      ... where we have the Tor Browser. For consistency.
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      Move tor-launcher script tor /usr/local/bin. · 42b1cf44
      anonym authored
      Let's not pretend the current script is similar to what upstream would
      use, since it has Tails specific stuff in it.
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      Make the -profile Tor Launcher workaround simpler. · 2db6d171
      anonym authored
      ... instead of the crazy workaround we had to use before. It turns out
      you *can* use -app and -profile together, but only if -profile is
      given last. It may be that it was fixed recently, because I'm pretty
      sure it didn't work last time I wroked on this.
      Also, in /usr/share/TorBrowser/Data/Browser (which is the "default"
      profile directory relative to the Tor Launcher applocation.ini file)
      the Caches directory must exist and be accessible for the tor-launcher
      user even if -profile is used, so we just have to ensure it exists.
      Will-fix: #7943
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      Correct comment. · 92f7b928
      anonym authored
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