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      Revert "Install the same version of linux-compiler-gcc-* as the kernel we install." · fc4196e9
      anonym authored
      This reverts commit 9d702007.
      Now that Tails 2.6 has been released (which required this workaround)
      let's stop doing it in the devel branch.
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      Install the same version of linux-compiler-gcc-* as the kernel we install. · 9d702007
      anonym authored
      While preparing Tails 2.6 it was discovered that our last minute bump of
      the 'debian' snapshot (to get Jessie 8.6) cause linux-compiler-gcc-* to
      be updated to a version for another Linux version than what we install,
      resulting in the tagged snapshot being impossible to create since it
      would require two different linux source packages (which is not
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      Revert "Install Linux 4.7." · e4c35183
      anonym authored
      This reverts commits:
      * ab562fd4
      * c0bc655c
      * 80d0667a
      The last minute attempt to include it in Tails 2.6 was a bad (too hasty)
      idea, e.g. USB installations don't boot (pre-init results in
      "FAT-fs (sdb1): IO charset ascii not found"). Also it seems that the
      backport of Linux 4.7 hasn't gone through the proper Debian QA process.
  16. 19 Sep, 2016 2 commits
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      Install the unsigned (w.r.t. Secure Boot) Linux kernel. · c0bc655c
      anonym authored
      I suppose the signed one will the default (without any suffix), but it
      is not available yet from Jessie backports.
      It's worth noting that the linux-image-amd64 package is not satisfied by
      the -unsigned packages yet, so we have to explicitly install the exact
      image version we want.
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      Install the firmware-nonfree packages from jessie-backports. · 39ec413c
      anonym authored
      For the Tails 2.6 release, where we did a last minute bump of the
      'debian' snapshot, some firmwares have suddenly been removed from
      Debian Sid:
      * firmware-amd-graphics
      * firmware-intel-sound
      * firmware-misc-nonfree
      resulting in Tails not building any more.
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      Use torsocks to torify Git, and drop tsocks entirely. · 795357be
      intrigeri authored
      tsocks has been unmaintained for years in Debian, and is not in testing
      at the moment.
      Since we dropped ttdnsd, the only use case for tsocks was torifying Git.
      But thanks to torsocks 2.1's AllowOutboundLocalhost we can now use torsocks to
      torify Git without breaking Git-over-SSH. See commit:3922b0b2 for the previous
      iteration of this.
      refs: #10959
      closes: #10955
    • intrigeri's avatar
      Stop shipping ttdnsd. · 1512c2ba
      intrigeri authored
      It was only useful for developers and power-users who can install it themselves
      as needed. It's been unmaintained upstream for many years. It's very buggy so we
      had to remove it from the DNS resolution loop years ago. It's not in Debian.
      And it's one of the only two bits of Tails that still rely on tsocks, that is
      RC-buggy, unmaintained in Debian, and not in Stretch at the moment.
      So it has become clear that the cost of keeping ttdnsd now outweighs the
      benefits it brings.
      refs: #10959
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