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      Fix sorting Intel GPUs last in the "Error starting GDM" message (#17903) · 7d11f6ac
      intrigeri authored
      The argument passed to sort_gpus() looks like this:
        [{'Slot': '00:02.0',
          'Class': 'VGA compatible controller [0300]',
          'Vendor-code': '8086',
          'Vendor': 'Intel Corporation',
          'Device-code': '5917',
          'Device': 'UHD Graphics 620',
          'SVendor': 'Lenovo [17aa]',
          'SDevice': 'UHD Graphics 620 [225c]',
          'Rev': '07'}]
      So sorting the list based on whether the Vendor ends with "[8086]" did not do
      what we want, i.e. sort Intel GPUs last (which we do because the Plymouth
      message will be truncated, and we want to display the most relevant GPUs first,
      which usually are not the Intel integrated GPU).
    • intrigeri's avatar
      tails-debugging-info: add support for commands that need to go through a shell · 67207186
      intrigeri authored
      This will be needed for #17902.
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      Hide Thunderbird welcome message: it is not relevant in the context of Tails · ddf3d352
      intrigeri authored
      For example, it feels weird that we would encourage users to donate to
      Thunderbird about as loudly as we encourage them to donate to Tails.
      Besides, the default message is retrieved from the web when Thunderbird starts.
      We don't need this extra network activity.
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      Remove broken Thunderbird protocol selection · 7a66afe4
      intrigeri authored
      This code has been a no-op in practice since at least Tails 4.0.
      We've decided to reject #17276 and investigate what the biggest
      problems are for email in Tails with slow/shitty Internet connections:
      default'ing to IMAP may, or may not, be part of these problems.
      Closes #17276
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    • segfault's avatar
      Fix keyboard setting stored twice when language is set (refs: #17794) · 08fbfa4e
      segfault authored
      I see that this is not super obvious, but KeyboardSettingUI.apply()
      assumes that the keyboard setting was changed by the user, so it sets
      IS_DEFAULT (which is somewhat misnamed, it should rather be
      WAS_SET_AUTOMATICALLY (or WAS_SET_BY_USER, with the opposite value))
      to false.
      When the keyboard layout is changed automatically because the language
      was changed, we want to set IS_DEFAULT to true, so we don't call
      KeyboardSettingUI.apply(), but directly self._setting.save().
      What was missing was the call to apply_layout_to_current_screen(), which
      was causing #17794.
    • boyska's avatar
      FIX #17794 changing lang now changes keyboard too · 9719ec19
      boyska authored
      the previous behaviour was confusing: changing the language was
      changing the keyboard layout in the UI, but not really changing it.
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      Ensure MAC spoofing messages are translated (refs: #17783) · cbb6b631
      geb authored
      As tails-spoof-mac is running as root, its messages cannot be translated
      according to the user settings. This commit solves this problem by reading the
      localization settings from the environment (/etc/default/locale) in
      tails-spoof-mac initialization. To make this work, we also set up the desired
      localization environment before launching tails-unblock-network and
    • intrigeri's avatar
      On MAC spoofing failure, include the name of the disabled network card in the... · 56a11b3e
      intrigeri authored
      On MAC spoofing failure, include the name of the disabled network card in the title of the notification
      That was the intention since 988b4186
      but in that commit, we forgot to replace gettext with eval_gettext
      when introducing variables in the translatable string. Let's fix this
      and accordingly, drop the test suite workaround for this bug.
      refs: #17784
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