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      Make Chutney obligatory. · 3c247296
      anonym authored
      This will just make things simpler. So long, real Tor network, and
      thanks for all the fish! :)
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      Test bridges and pluggable transports with Chutney. · f9c244ef
      anonym authored
      We now set up all bridges (from now on that term also includes PTs)
      using Chutney, so we no longer need to provide them in our "secret"
      local configuration any more, which is a big plus in itself.
      This includes replacing one of the authorities with a bridge
      Note: the firewall test (i.e. that only the expected hosts are
      contacted) is pretty broken at the moment, definitely in the bridge
      mode case, but perhaps in normal operation too, since what we check is
      which hosts are contacted, and the complete Tor network *and* bridges
      now run on the same host (and IP address).
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