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      Add more KMS video drivers to the initrd · 32dba678
      Tails developers authored
      In order to show our shiny new Plymouth theme on more systems, we manually add
      kernel mode settings video drivers for NVidia.
      Unfortunately, vboxvideo (VirtualBox) does not currently support KMS; vmgfx
      (VMWare) did not work either according to some quick tests.
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      Erase memory at shutdown/reboot time using kexec and a ramdisk hook. · 2454d5bd
      T(A)ILS developers authored
      - build initramfs with sdmem support
      - install kexec-tools that are used to run the sdmem-enabled initramfs on
      - pass the rebooting/halting status to the kexec'd initramfs using a custom
      - remove custom live-boot packages to disable previous (buggy and incomplete)
        sdmem implementation
      - provide our own tails-kexec initscript to replace /etc/init.d/kexec:
        tails-kexec is more post-eject-time friendly and informs the user s/he can
        remove the boot device before the sdmem process before it happens; hence
        switching live-boot boot parameter to noprompt
      - kexec-load, tails-kexec-cache and tails-kexec are run on halt as well as on
        reboot; to achieve this we need to patch the kexec-load initscript LSB header:
        update-rc.d is not enough as insserv uses LSB headers rather than update-rc.d
      - don't disable init concurrency at shutdown anymore: the initscripts
        dependencies now are be accurate enough to prevent running in
        parallel scripts that should be run sequentially
  17. 10 Aug, 2010 1 commit
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      Migrate to live-boot / live-config instead of live-initramfs. · 14776de3
      amnesia authored
      Tons of involved changes.
      The $HOME files have been moved to /etc/skel in order to get rid of permissions
      problems: we now let adduser deal with this.
      New custom packages:
       - live-boot 2.0~a16-1+tails1.cb5e34 built from our Git repository. It
         integrates the changes our custom live-initramfs had.
       - live-config patched with xserver-xorg related fixes sent today on the Debian
         Live ML; hopefully this is only temporary...
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      Replace the XMPP chatroom with an IRC one with random nickname. · ec1a13bb
      amnesia authored
      As any user can change the password for the shared Jabber account, and it
      globally seems that XMPP causes more harm than good in our case, let's now use
      the #tails IRC chan on oftc.net, with a randomized nick made of:
      - a random firstname picked from the 2000 most registered by the
        U.S. social security administration in the 70s;
      - a random number between 1 and 9.
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      readahead: cache a bit more in foreground · 493184d9
      amnesia authored
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      bugfix · 7ff91861
      amnesia authored
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      bugfix · b129b768
      amnesia authored
      Use -base64 rather than -hex that is not available in Lenny's openssl.
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      Migrated GConf settings to XML. · 6a959bd4
      amnesia authored
      gconftool is pretty slow, it's quicker to have it load XML files populated with
      entries than to run it once per entry.
      This change is also a factorization: dropping a .xml file into
      config/chroot_local-includes/usr/share/amnesia/gconf/ is now enough to have it
      loaded on boot.
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      Setup GNOME panel programmatically at boot time. · 40ccb470
      amnesia authored
      - added a XML file with panel configuration and a live-bottom initramfs hook
        that loads it on boot
      - removed deprecated, hard-coded GConf entries for it
      - home-refresh: ignore .gconf/apps/panel/
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      New onboard package (0.93.0-0ubuntu3~~amnesia1). · 85f1818f
      amnesia authored
      - install python-central from Squeeze
      - rename /apps/onboard/use_trayicon GConf key to its new name:
      - publish our modification to the Ubuntu source package on the wiki
      - bugs/onboard_lacks_an_entry_in_Gnome_menu => pending
      - no need to send patch for "start_minimized" upstream, this feature has already
        been fixed upstream
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