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      I2P Browser · bf714344
      Kill Your TV authored
      Browser specifically for I2P based on the scripts that
      configure the "unsafe-browser".
      * Adds a new i2pbrowser user
      * change the I2P menu entry and related sudoers file to start
        this new browser. I2P will be started via NetworkManager (added in a later
        commit) when a user adds 'i2p' to the boot prompt.
      Update I2P firewall rules
      Since the anmesia user won't be browsing eepsites with the Torbrowser
      anymore, and the i2pbrowser user *will* be browsing them, the firewall
      rules needed another update.
      disable cups
      fixes the same problem as ticket #7771 addresses for the
      Remove I2P settings from FoxyProxy
      Since I2P Browser is now used for visiting eepsites (.i2p tld) the I2P
      configs are no longer appropriate for FoxyProxy.
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      Add an I2P boot parameter · 2eb92957
      Kill Your TV authored
      During the build process, the following are moved to /usr/share/tails:
        - /usr/share/i2p
        - /usr/sbin/wrapper to /usr/share/tails/i2p
        - /usr/share/applications/i2p.desktop to /usr/share/tails/i2p
      The I2P binaries are changed to be owned by i2psvc:i2psvc to prevent it
      being run from the new location under /usr/share/tails/i2p.
      If the string 'i2p' is entered on at the boot prompt, these files are
      returned to ther original locations, making I2P accessible. Also, the
      I2P sudoers file is written to the system, allowing the amnesia user to
      run tails-start-i2p as the i2psvc user.