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      Set time from Tor consensus unless it's already in the valid interval. · 58e1b1a3
      Tails developers authored
      This is based on ideas from Liberte Linux' tordate script,
      and meant to implement
      This allows greatly simplifying the 50-htp.sh NM hook: no need to do fancy
      tricks with /etc/hosts anymore.
      Split out and re-order NM hooks:
        First, setup the firewall.
        Then restart Tor.
        Then set the time using Tor consensus, and start HTP (non-blocking) in the background.
        Eventually, restart and cleanup everything that needs to: ttdnsd, pdnsd,
        Vidalia, etc.
      Doing so allows us to stop passing a tiny DNS timeout to htpdate / wget anymore:
      commit e291af5d, that introduced this "-t 1" option, explains why it was added.
      These reasons don't stand anymore: the IPs of the server queried by htpdate are
      not in /etc/hosts nowadays.
      Non-blocking htpdate has an initscript (/etc/init.d/htpdate, that should not
      start on its own); its options were moved to /etc/default/htpdate.
      The tails-htp-notify-user script is removed: no need for feedback as this is now
      non-blocking and does not prevent actual usage. A bit more KISS does not hurt.