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      Add a startup script for the control port filter · f84463d7
      WinterFairy authored
      The control port filter will be started as the vidalia user,
      as the permissions it requires matches well with that of
      the vidalia user.
      It is always started, and does never need to be restarted.
      If Tor is not running when a newnym request is made, it will
      just return back an error message.
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      Do not use pdnsd anymore. · 155ff43b
      Tails developers authored
      It has been orphaned in Debian, has quite some bugs in there, and apparently
      Tor's DNSPort's own caching could be good enough.
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  15. 24 Sep, 2012 6 commits
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      Do not run unecessary scripts during shutdown sequence · 859a0a78
      Tails developers authored
      Tails shutdown sequence should be as fast as possible. So it is better to skip
      initscripts that are not relevant to our amnesic environment.
      See <https://mailman.boum.org/pipermail/tails-dev/2012-May/001180.html> for the
      relevant discussion.
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      Patch initscripts headers instead of fiddling with update-rc.d · ee11890a
      Tails developers authored
      Calling update-rc.d manually is quite error prone: for example, 'ttdnsd' is
      actually required to be started after 'tor', but this was not reflected in the
      number sequence.
      Instead, we now patch the initscripts and rely on insserv to figure out the
      correct ordering for the startup and shutdown sequence.
      The patch to kexec-load is adjusted for consistency.
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      Disable i2p initscript rather than remove it · 38f21060
      Tails developers authored
      What we don't want is that i2p starts on boot, rather than never running its
      initscript (e.g. on shutdown).
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      Assert that dependency based boot sequencing is configured · 95a7d067
      Tails developers authored
      Numbering initscript sequence is difficult and error prone. Let's just rely on
      the fact that we have dependency based boot sequencing available now!
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      Leave halt and reboot scripts configured · bbfd18cf
      Tails developers authored
      Given we provide a proper Required-Stop header, we can leave the halt and
      reboot initscript in place. They will never be called as long as `tails-kexec`
      succeed. If it don't, then it still provides a better user experience to
      shutdown or reboot the machine than to leave the computer hanged.
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      Prevent memlockd unload on shutdown · c5df56a3
      Tails developers authored
      memlockd keeps our tails-kexec file in memory. This is crucial to have
      emergency shutdown on media removal. So in order to prevent any race
      condition regarding the avaibility of the files needed to start the
      memory wiping kernel, we do everything we can to prevent memlockd from
      being unloaded during shutdown. Namely:
       1. We properly remove stop symlinks to the memlockd initscript using
       2. We add memlockd PID to the process that are ommited by the sendsigs
          script (responsible for sending TERM and KILL signals to remaining
       3. Do not require that memlockd be stopped before stopping
      In addition, we fix initscript ordering related to
      These changes towards memlockd are too specific to Tails' needs to be
      upstreamed: if memlockd is used to keep files in memory from rw media,
      having memlockd running would prevent proper unmounting. That would be
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      Erase memory at shutdown/reboot time using kexec and a ramdisk hook. · 2454d5bd
      T(A)ILS developers authored
      - build initramfs with sdmem support
      - install kexec-tools that are used to run the sdmem-enabled initramfs on
      - pass the rebooting/halting status to the kexec'd initramfs using a custom
      - remove custom live-boot packages to disable previous (buggy and incomplete)
        sdmem implementation
      - provide our own tails-kexec initscript to replace /etc/init.d/kexec:
        tails-kexec is more post-eject-time friendly and informs the user s/he can
        remove the boot device before the sdmem process before it happens; hence
        switching live-boot boot parameter to noprompt
      - kexec-load, tails-kexec-cache and tails-kexec are run on halt as well as on
        reboot; to achieve this we need to patch the kexec-load initscript LSB header:
        update-rc.d is not enough as insserv uses LSB headers rather than update-rc.d
      - don't disable init concurrency at shutdown anymore: the initscripts
        dependencies now are be accurate enough to prevent running in
        parallel scripts that should be run sequentially
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      Bugfix. · 3cfb80cb
      T(A)ILS developers authored
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