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      Revert "Also install the syslinux 32-bit UEFI boot loader." · 11f460d5
      intrigeri authored
      This reverts commit 441892f6197efbe014cfb54fc6f9d43ed7e425bb.
      The two 32-bit UEFI systems I've tried booting on only support the fallback UEFI
      path, that's not an option for us with 32-bit syslinux UEFI, as explained in the
      commit we're presently reverting.
      I also tried, and failed, to convince GRUB2 installed in the fallback location
      (EFI/BOOT/bootia32.efi) to chainload into 32-bit syslinux UEFI.
      So I'm giving up with using syslinux for 32-bit UEFI.
      Refs: #8471
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      Also install the syslinux 32-bit UEFI boot loader. · ba2c4f5e
      Tails developers authored
      Note that we install it in BOOT/TAILS32 (while the 64-bit boot loader lives in
      the BOOT/EFI fallback directory), since syslinux module files have the same name
      regardless of the architecture, so we cannot simply put them all in the
      same directory.
      The drawback is that some buggy UEFI firmware may pick the wrong bootloader,
      that's not made for their architecture. Or, that they present the user with
      confusing choice between "EFI" and "TAILS32". We'll see.
      Of course, alternatively we could try to rename the 32-bit module files, so we
      can put them in BOOT/EFI as well; this would require adjusting the configuration
      files accordingly, in order to 1. load the 32-bit modules when the UEFI firmware
      is 32-bit; and 2. convince syslinux to load a different configuration file
      depending on the UEFI firmware's architecture (*not* the CPU architecture,
      Refs: #8471
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