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      Merge branch 'stable' into devel · c336187d
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      Test suite: try possible fix for #11508. · 112b34da
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      Yup, it seems that all along I've just missed that we could have
      IPv6Packet:s in `ip_packet`, and their source is accessed by
      `.ipv6_saddr`, not `ip_saddr` (that's for IPv4Packet). So, let's just
      try and see which one of the two each `ip_packet` has, because one of
      them must be there!
      Also, given that UDPPacket can be either IPv4 or IPv6 it seems safest
      to try to parse each packet as IPv6Packet first -- that way we keep
      looking at transport layer protocols for IPv4 only, and treat
      everything IPv6 as the same, which makes sense, since we should block
      all IPv6, so everything should be treated the same at all times.
      Refs: #11508
  9. 18 Mar, 2017 2 commits
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      Merge branch 'stable' into devel · 857dac31
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      Test suite: refine debug info collection of #11508. · fdd50f83
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      I have seen yet another:
          NoMethodError: undefined method `ip_saddr' for nil:NilClass
      So we now know that `ip_packet` is not `nil`, it just doesn't have the
      `ip_saddr` method (and probably not the `ip_daddr` one either) some
      how (feels strange for an IP packet to not have a source or
      destination address...).
      Refs: #11508
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      Ensure /etc/resolv.conf is owned by root:root in the SquashFS. · 3cae08ce
      intrigeri authored
      lb_chroot_resolv will "cp -a" it from the source tree, so it inherits its
      ownership from the whoever cloned the Git repository. This has two problems.
      First, this results in unsafe permissions on this file (e.g. a Vagrant build
      results in the 'amnesia' user having write access to it). Second, building with
      a different user results in a non-deterministic SquashFS.
      refs: #5630