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      Lower VM_MEMORY_BASE to 1536M. · c448a322
      intrigeri authored
      The previous settings are a bit tough for machines that have 16GB of RAM or
      a bit less: for example, one of the machines in my local Jenkins setup, where
      I'm prototyping our next-generation CI hardware, has 32GB of RAM, and runs
      2 Jenkins worker VMs, each having ~15GB of RAM. Since a few weeks I regularly
      see builds failing because there's not enough free memory to start the Vagrant
      build VM.
      Back in November 2018, the chroot for our Buster-based image was way bigger than
      when building Tails 3.x; with the "ram" build option, it therefore used more
      memory in the build tmpfs; and with the "noram" build option, quite possibly
      mksquashfs used more RAM as well. This probably explains why we had
      to bump VM_MEMORY_BASE to 2048MB.
      Since then, we've trimmed down our Buster-based image a lot, up to the point
      where it's now 55 MiB smaller than 3.15. So there's a chance we can revert to
      lower RAM requirements for the build VM. Let's try.
      This partly reverts commit 09233368.
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      Use squashfs-tools from sid (refs: #16637) · cdf270b4
      intrigeri authored
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      Test suite: make "^the Tor Browser shows the "([^"]+)" error$" step more robust by retrying. · 0d8a2b71
      intrigeri authored
      I've seen this step fail with:
            Could not find the 'The proxy server is refusing connections' error in the Tor Browser (RuntimeError)
      … while the failure screenshot shows the expected heading.
      It seems that when we list all headings initially, the one we're looking for may
      not be here yet, so let's retry.
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