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      Requirements-- · 3aa0e7b2
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      After reading quite a bit about recruitment strategies vs. diversity,
      it seems to me that "you are good with" is too strong here, and may
      discourage some people from even applying, in a way that negatively
      affects the diversity demographics of applicants.
      So let's move this to the role description, which in passing mostly resolves one
      of the main concerns I had with the role description, i.e. it being both too
      vague and relying a lot on a too detailed linked page.
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      Design doc: move content to a more adequate place and drop incorrect statement · 2249cde5
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      As our kernel hardening page demonstrates, "the Tails kernel has no more special
      kernel security feature than the stock Debian kernel" is incorrect
      once one takes runtime configuration into account.
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      Revert spam · fb974f82
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