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      Add basic troubleshooting instructions · 54e6bf7b
      sajolida authored
      We should be more confident now to ask people to re-verify, re-install,
      or try a different computer if it doesn't work out-of-the-box.
      "Tails fails to start after the Boot Loader" and "the computer stops
      responding" overlap but I don't think that it really matters here.
      People in this section will be in "brute force" mode and try anything
      that seems relevant.
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      Create dedicated pages about starting Tails · 69b88863
      sajolida authored
      - It will be useful for people search for this on our website.
      - It makes it easier for Help desk to point to the relevant
        troubleshooting sections. (#14788)
      - Thanks to the Shift+Restart technique on Windows, the Boot Menu key
        should only be used by Linux users now. Their computer should already
        have a minimum configuration to start on USB stick and they less
        likely need to edit their BIOS settings.