1. 11 Nov, 2015 3 commits
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      Explicitly use tor@default.service when it's the one we mean. · 1390e8b1
      intrigeri authored
      Tor 0.2.7.x packaging now uses a template systemd unit file,
      and the instance we use is called tor@default.service.
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      Explicitly declare htpdate.service as being needed for time-sync.target. · 44dab98a
      intrigeri authored
      This ensures that "services where correct time is essential should be
      ordered after this unit" (as long as such services have themselves
      declared the right dependencies). We don't ship any such services
      currently, so this is rather pedantic a commit.
      Note: in our case, we don't want the Tor service to wait for
      time-sync.target, since we still use the Tor consensus for time
      sync' purposes.
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      Turn htpdate.service into Type=oneshot. · 9bc8ef56
      intrigeri authored
      I want to use time-sync.target (see systemd.special(7)), so that we can
      order stuff after it.
      But with Type=simple, we can't tell when htpdate is done, so we can't
      specify that time-sync.target has not been reached until then. So let's
      use Type=oneshot. But then, 20-time.sh would block until htpdate is
      done, which is not what we want; this is solved by using --no-block when
      restarting the service there.
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