1. 01 Jul, 2018 2 commits
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      Drop Icedove → Thunderbird migration code. · 0a533354
      intrigeri authored
      We've done the switch a year ago, in Tails 3.0, and #15693 shows
      that this migration code causes issues, so let's get rid of it.
      Besides, I have a hunch that this code is the only possible rationale
      explanation for the dreaded "empty persistence.conf file" problem, putting aside
      user intervention: it's the only piece of code we have, apart of the Tails
      Persistence Setup wizard that affected users tell they did not use, that
      modifies persistence.conf (refs: #10976).
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      Stop deleting Enigmail's persistent configuredVersion (refs: #15693). · 45925bdb
      intrigeri authored
      Enigmail needs this info to know whether it should display its configuration
      wizard and trigger other post-upgrade operations. We should let it manage
      this value itself, otherwise it will display its configuration wizard
      every time one starts Thunderbird in a freshly booted Tails, even if
      the Thunderbird data is persistent.
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