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Improve phrasing thanks to hefee's clarifications (Closes: #16979).

This includes:

 - Make instructions copy'n'paste-friendly, while taking into account
   hefee's wish to encourage the reader to, well, read.
 - Link to the that one might have trouble finding otherwise.
 - Various technical writing nitpicking / style guide compliance.
 - Fix Markdown so that command lines are not prefixed with spaces
   once rendered on our website.
 - Avoid command line being partly hidden without scrolling
   once rendered on our website.
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......@@ -156,18 +156,23 @@ You can then configure it on your Poedit:
2. Add the new language to `$weblate_additional_languages` in
and have a sysadmin review your changes and deploy them to production.
3. Run this command on the system that runs our translation platform
(as weblate user):
3. To create PO files for the new language and commit them to Git,
run this command on the system that runs our translation platform,
as the `weblate` user:
You need to run this script with argument `--modify` to actually create the
missing po files and commit those files. The script uses the same lock file like, that means that the cronjob is prohibited, while the ``
is running.
4. After the po files are created, you need to update the Weblate components (as
weblate user):
Once satisfied, run this command again with the `--modify`
argument, so it actually performs the desired changes:
python3 /usr/local/share/weblate/ loadpo --all --lang <LANG>
~/scripts/ --modify
`<LANG>` is the newly added 2-letter languagecode.
Note that this script must not be run concurrently with
[``]( Hence, they both use a shared lock file.
4. Finally, to update the Weblate components, run this command as the
`weblate` user:
python3 /usr/local/share/weblate/ \
loadpo --all --lang <LANG>
… where `<LANG>` is the newly added 2-letter language code.
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