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......@@ -18,7 +18,17 @@ The questions raised is mostly concern the _feature/*_ and _bugfix/*_ branches
(so _topic branches_)
Some metrics about the number of branches merged per release could give hints
that might help to decide of selection process.
that might help to decide of selection process. See at the bottom of this
Given a branch take around 45 minutes to be build on lizard (worth case),
with two builders, lizard will be able to build something like 64 ISOs a
Devs should be able to trigger automatic builds for a branch whose build
was dropped (eg. last commit too old) by pushing a dumb commit on a
timestamp file in their branch.
......@@ -26,14 +36,6 @@ Proposal1:
* but had new commits since the previous release
We should probably also let devs being able to trigger automated builds for a
branch that would not be selected by the previous algo (eg. last commit too
Devs could do so that by dropping a timestamp file in their branch. The
branch would be added to the selection if this timestamp is smaller than a
certain amount of to-be-defined time.
## When to build it
Define the regularity we want to build topic branches, apart from being build
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