Commit fc764d63 authored by anonym's avatar anonym
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Revert "Work around screen blanking when testing Synaptic."

This reverts commit 9d8074d4.

The screen blanking issue has been resolved, so the workaround is not
needed any more.

Refs: #10403
parent 5d37c307
......@@ -31,15 +31,7 @@ end
When /^I update APT using Synaptic$/ do'SynapticReloadButton.png')
@screen.wait('SynapticReloadPrompt.png', 20)
try_for(30*60) do
@screen.waitVanish('SynapticReloadPrompt.png', 60)
rescue Exception => e
@screen.hover_point(0, 0)
raise e
@screen.waitVanish('SynapticReloadPrompt.png', 30*60)
Then /^I should be able to install a package using Synaptic$/ do
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