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- [[!traillink Connecting_to_the_network_with_NetworkManager|anonymous_internet/networkmanager]]
- [[!traillink Logging_in_to_captive_portals|anonymous_internet/unsafe_browser]]
- [[!traillink Connecting_to_a_network|anonymous_internet/networkmanager]]
- [[!traillink Logging_in_to_captive_portals|anonymous_internet/unsafe_browser]]
- [[!traillink Controlling_Tor_using_<span_class="application">Vidalia</span>|anonymous_internet/vidalia]]
- [[!traillink Browsing_the_web_with_<span_class="application">Tor_Browser</span>|anonymous_internet/tor_browser]]
- [[!traillink Chatting_with_Pidgin_&_OTR|anonymous_internet/pidgin]]
[[!meta title="Connecting to the network with NetworkManager"]]
[[!meta title="Connecting to a network"]]
[[!img first_steps/introduction_to_gnome_and_the_tails_desktop/network-idle.png link=no]]
[[!img first_steps/introduction_to_gnome_and_the_tails_desktop/network-wired.png link=no]]
[[!img first_steps/introduction_to_gnome_and_the_tails_desktop/network-wireless.png link=no]]
You can connect to a network using a wired, Wi-Fi, or mobile broadband
<span class="application">NetworkManager</span> allows you to connect to a
network using a wired or wireless connection (Wi-Fi, 3G, or GSM):
- If a wired connection is detected, Tails automatically connects to it.
- If a wired connection is detected,
<span class="application">NetworkManager</span> automatically connects to
- To connect to a wireless connection, click on the
<span class="application">NetworkManager Applet</span> to see the list of
available connections. Then select the one you want to connect to.
- To connect to a Wi-Fi network:
[[!img networkmanager/networkmanager.png link=no]]
1. Open the system menu in the top-right corner.
1. Choose <span class="guilabel">Wi-Fi</span> and then <span class="guilabel">Select Network</span>.
- To connect to a mobile broadband network:
1. Open the system menu in the top-right corner.
1. Choose <span class="guilabel">Mobile Broadband</span>.
[[!img doc/first_steps/introduction_to_gnome_and_the_tails_desktop/system.png link="no"]]
To connect to Tor using bridges or configure a proxy to access the Internet,
you need to [[activate additional Tor configuration when starting Tails|first_steps/startup_options/network_configuration]].
After establishing a connection to a network:
a. If you can already access the Internet, Tor and
<span class="application">[[Vidalia]]</span> are automatically started.
b. If you need to log in to a captive portal before being granted access to
the Internet, then [[see the corresponding documentation|unsafe_browser]].
You can modify the settings of each recorded
network connection (for example to configure whether or not to
automatically connect to a Wi-Fi network). To do so, right-click on the
<span class="application">NetworkManager Applet</span>
and choose <span class="guimenu">Edit Connections...</span>
To modify your network settings, for example to configure whether or not
to automatically connect to a Wi-Fi network, do the following:
1. Open the system menu in the top-right corner.
1. Click on the [[!img lib/preferences-system.png alt="System" class="symbolic" link="no"]] button to open the system settings.
If you want to reuse your custom <span class="application">NetworkManager</span>
1. Choose <span class="guilabel">Network</span>.
If you want to reuse your custom
configuration or the passwords of encrypted wireless connections across separate
working sessions, you can activate the [[<span class="guilabel">Network connections</span> persistence
......@@ -40,15 +50,15 @@ fingerprinting|doc/about/fingerprint]].
<div class="note">
<p>It is currently impossible to connect using:</p>
<li><span class="application">NetworkManager</span> does not support dial-up
modems. See [[!tails_ticket 5913]].</li>
<li>It is currently not possible to use Tails with a VPN. [[See the
corresponding FAQ.|support/faq#vpn]]</li>
<li>Dial-up modems, see [[!tails_ticket 5913]].</li>
<li>VPNs, see [[the corresponding FAQ|support/faq#vpn]].</li>
For more information about <span class="application">NetworkManager</span>, open
For more information, open
<span class="application">[[GNOME Help|first_steps/introduction_to_gnome_and_the_tails_desktop#help]]</span>
and choose <span class="guilabel">Networking, web, email & chat</span>.
......@@ -198,8 +198,7 @@ manage your systems settings and your computer.
<div class="next">
<p>See also the documentation on [[connecting to the network with
<span class="application">NetworkManager</span>|anonymous_internet/networkmanager]].</p>
<p>See also the documentation on [[connecting to the network|anonymous_internet/networkmanager]].</p>
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