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Import from the blueprint the explanation why we need to tackle the freeze exceptions problem.

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......@@ -78,7 +78,7 @@ except:
A given APT repository snapshot is immutable after it's been taken.
[[deal with freeze exception separately|contribute/APT_repository/freeze exception]].
[[deal with freeze exceptions separately|contribute/APT_repository/time-based_snapshots#design-freeze-exceptions]].
We want to have reproducible builds some day. Therefore, the APT
`sources.list` shipped in the ISO must be stable across rebuilds from
XXX: document <>
......@@ -280,3 +280,35 @@ becomes fatal some day, it will be possible to turn it back into
a warning via configuration. This affects only development builds
since we're not going to configure APT _in the Tails ISO_ to point to
our own snapshots of the Debian archive anyway.
<a id="design-freeze-exceptions"></a>
## Freeze exceptions
This is a new problem brought by using "frozen" snapshot of APT
repositories during a Tails code freeze: some bug, that we want to see
fixed in the release we are preparing, would be resolved if we pulled
an upgraded package as-is from a freshest Debian APT repository.
Before we could freeze APT repositories, we would have got this bugfix
for free. Now we need to grant freeze exceptions.
This is similar to "Upgrading to a new snapshot", except that we want
to upgrade one package only. By definition, this only affects *frozen*
release branches (`stable`, `testing`), and topic branches based on
them: all other branches use the freshest set of APT repository
snapshots available.
Most of the time, a bugfix branch we want to merge into a frozen
release branch doesn't need to upgrade packages from Debian, so this
is a corner case for the time being. Moreover, so far we have always
dealt with this problem entirely by hand, so it's not critical to
provide much improved tools. What makes it tempting to improve the
situation here is mostly:
* even though freeze exceptions will remain exceptions, frozen will
add one use case:
* this will become a relatively common operation if we are based on
Debian testing some day, so let's check that it's not only
possible, but also reasonably easy to handle with this design
(otherwise we may have to switch to more powerful tools, such as
dak + britney).
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