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Monthly report: fundraising and previous version.

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......@@ -7,18 +7,21 @@
* [[Tails VERSION was released on MONTH DAY|news/version_VERSION]] ([major|bugfix] release).
* [[Tails 3.10.1 was released on October 23rd|news/version_3.10.1]] ([bugfix] release).
* Tails VERSION+1 is [[scheduled for MONTH DAY|contribute/calendar]].
* Tails 3.11 is [[scheduled for December 11th|contribute/calendar]].
The following changes were introduced in Tails VERSION:
The following changes were introduced in Tails 3.10.1:
XXX: Copy the "Changes" section of the release notes, and compact a bit:
* Remove lines about software upgrade (that's not Tails itself).
* Remove screenshots.
* Remove "New features" and "Upgrades and changes" headlines.
* Remove line about Changelog.
- Hide the [[**PIM** option|doc/encryption_and_privacy/veracrypt#parameters]]
when unlocking *VeraCrypt* volumes because *PIM* won't be supported until
Tails 4.0. ([[!tails_ticket 16031]])
- Rename the buttons in the confirmation dialog of *Tails Installer* to
**Install** (or **Upgrade**) and **Cancel** to be less confusing.
([[!tails_ticket 11501]])
......@@ -93,6 +96,8 @@ XXX: The fundraising team should look at the fundraising Git.
XXX: The fundraising and accounting teams should look at the archives of <> and <>.
We launched our yearly donation campaign.
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