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Test suite: simplify and avoid hard-coding the list of RTL Tor Browser locales.

Regardless of LTR vs. RTL, "TAB" will always move the keyboard focus to the
button that lets the user accept starting the Unsafe Browser. So let's use
this instead of the left/right button which requires special-casing RTL locales.
parent b6a409fe
When /^I see and accept the Unsafe Browser start verification(?:| in the "([^"]+)" locale)$/ do |locale|
@screen.wait('GnomeQuestionDialogIcon.png', 30)
if ['ar_EG.utf8', 'fa_IR', 'he_IL', 'he_IL.utf8'].include?(locale)
# Take into account button ordering in RTL languages
@screen.type(Sikuli::Key.LEFT + Sikuli::Key.ENTER)
@screen.type(Sikuli::Key.RIGHT + Sikuli::Key.ENTER)
@screen.type(Sikuli::Key.TAB + Sikuli::Key.ENTER)
def supported_torbrowser_languages
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