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ikiwiki has problems with h2s in a links, because it automatically generates...

ikiwiki has problems with h2s in a links,  because it automatically generates anchors, which then break the markup. So i need to change the h2s to divs.
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......@@ -68,37 +68,38 @@
<div id="donate-strip">
<a id="donate-link" href="<TMPL_VAR HTML_LANG_CODE>">
<span class="donate-l donate-en">
<strong class="donate-title">
Tails helps thousands of people to stay safe online every day and it's free.
<h2>Donate today to keep Tails alive!</h2>
<div class="donate-title-big">Donate today to keep Tails alive!</div>
<strong id="donate-slogan-on" class="donate-slogan">Many hands make Tails.</strong>
<strong id="donate-slogan-off" class="donate-slogan">Care to give us a hand?</strong>
<span class="donate-l donate-de">
<strong class="donate-title">
Tails hilft täglich tausenden Menschen sicher im Netz zu sein, und das unentgeltlich.
<h2>Spenden Sie heute um Tails am Leben zu erhalten!</h2>
<div class="donate-title-big">Spenden Sie heute um Tails am Leben zu erhalten!</div>
<strong id="donate-slogan-on" class="donate-slogan">Tails ist das Ergebnis vieler Hände.</strong>
<strong id="donate-slogan-off" class="donate-slogan">Greifst du uns unter die Arme?</strong>
<span class="donate-l donate-fr">
<strong class="donate-title">
Chaque jour, Tails protège gratuitement des milliers de personnes sur le net.
<h2>Faites un don à Tails aujourd'hui&nbsp;!</h2>
<div class="donate-title-big">Faites un don à Tails aujourd'hui&nbsp;!</div>
<strong id="donate-slogan-on" class="donate-slogan">Tails est fait par beaucoup de mains.</strong>
<strong id="donate-slogan-off" class="donate-slogan">Envie de donner un coup de main&nbsp;?</strong>
<span class="donate-l donate-pt">
<strong class="donate-title">
Tails ajuda milhares de pessoas a se protegerem na Internet todos os dias, e é gratuito.
<h2>Faça uma doação para ajudar o Tails a continuar a existir!</h2>
<div class="donate-title-big">Faça uma doação para ajudar o Tails a continuar a existir!</div>
<strong id="donate-slogan-on" class="donate-slogan">Tails é feito com a ajuda de muitas pessoas.</strong>
<strong id="donate-slogan-off" class="donate-slogan">Você gostaria de ser uma delas?</strong>
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