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Rephrase to simplify

- 'organization' in English refers to 'an organization', as a group of
  people. Not to 'organizing'. And we said that already last month, so
  let's focus on what's new.
- Clarify which sprint we're talking about. Actually, in the grant
  proposal we only mentioned one.

This reverts commit 5a271cc8.
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......@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@ Everything in this report is public.
# B. Additional software
We refined our organisation and started to work on issues that would need to be solved before our first sprint ([[!tails_ticket 9059]], [[!tails_ticket 6038]]).
We started to work on issues that need to be solved before the UX design
sprint ([[!tails_ticket 9059]], [[!tails_ticket 6038]]).
# C. Deliver new features
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