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Mentors: remove people who are not involved anymore

IMO there's more to do about this section (refs: #17076), but the very least we
can do at the moment is to stop suggesting new contributors they should contact
people who don't work on Tails anymore.
parent 04c55736
......@@ -160,23 +160,23 @@ field of expertise, for example
by assigning them tickets on Redmine or <a href="#talk">talking to us</a>
using the usual communication channels.
- AppArmor: intrigeri, jvoisin, u
- AppArmor: intrigeri, jvoisin
- Build system (Vagrant, Rake): anonym
- Debian related work: intrigeri, u
- Debian related work: intrigeri
- Documentation: BitingBird, sajolida
- *Onion Circuits* (Python): alan
- *OpenPGP Applet* (Perl): nodens
- Persistence setup (Perl): intrigeri, kurono
- Sysadmin: [[contact|contribute/how/sysadmin/#contact]]
- Welcome Screen (Python): alan, intrigeri
- *Tails Installer* (Python): alan, kurono, u
- *Tails Installer* (Python): alan, kurono
- *Tails Upgrader* (Perl): intrigeri
- *Tails Verification* (JavaScript): sajolida, anonym
- Test suite (Gherkin, Ruby): anonym
- *Thunderbird* (Icedove): anonym
- Tor configuration, time syncing, MAC spoofing: anonym
- *Tor Browser*: anonym
- Usability: sajolida, tchou
- Usability: sajolida
- *Unsafe Web Browser*: anonym
- Website: sajolida
- *WhisperBack* (Python): alan
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