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- [[Warning|doc/about/warning]], also need some love [[!tails_ticket 8845]]
- [[Install Tails|install]]
### Tails as a tent
Metaphor: Tails as a tent
From "[Writing good documentation](" at the IFF 2018
- [Drawing of an unfolded tent] portable, set up anywhere in the world or your own backyard
- [Drawing of two similar tents]
- [Drawing of a tent in a bag] small portable tent fits in backpack, with your belongings.
- [Drawing of a tent city of similar tents]
- Amnesic
- Empty every time its setup
- Stored in backpack ("USB stick") along with "stuff" which can be
moved into the tent ("persistence") or not.
- Incognito
- Can move around (change "address")
- Many tents look alike
- Works best among other tents (not in a library)
- Live
- Portable
- Can carry around in backpack
- Can set up in backyard (own laptop) or away from home
- Put it away when its finished
"[Leave No Trace](" is an organization and a code of ethics
for outdoor activities.
Open relationship
Tails is not my main operating system: Tails does not make me choose
between itself and other operating systems. With Tails I have an open
relationship. Is not my main operating system, I have other operating
systems for other things.
One in my laptop, one in my school...
Tails is not jealous and does not aim to fulfill all my computer needs:
if I need something Tails cannot give me... I can use another operating
But I respect our relationship: Tails does not want to be plugged to my
laptop if I am running other operating systems, so I never do that.
And I don't use identities I use on other operating systems from the
same Tails USB stick.
<a id="iff"></a>
Other output from [IFF 2018](
- [Drawing of a circus tent]
- [Drawing of a magic hat] make things magically disappear
- Doesn't leave a trace -- invisibility cloak
- New wig every morning
- Incognito mode for your computer
- A caravan -- you're the owner, you can move it anywhere
- Like a bicycle
- You can take it anywhere
- They don't have a registration plate
- No trace where you've been on the environment
- Using a bike lock
- Helmet with shades so you're unknown
From the user testing in January 2018 in Berlin
- Additional Software P1 talking about how everything we do on the
Internet is tracked: "With Tails I can create that image for myself".
- Additional Software P4: "bullet proof".
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