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Add the February 2015 meeting notes.

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[[!meta title="February 2015 meeting"]]
[[!toc levels=1]]
# [[!tails_ticket 8244 desc="Greeter revamp: Decide if we want to keep the wording 'Quick setup'"]]
Postpone: the ticket was not relevant to discuss according to the latest
discussions and mockups.
# [[!tails_ticket 6432 desc="WhisperBack launcher in the applications menu should give a hint about its function"]]
We choose to go with the "WhisperBack Error Reporting" wording.
# [[!tails_ticket 7076 desc="Warn against plugging a Tails device in untrusted systems"]]
We choose to put the warn in the "Warnings" page, and see later if this page
grows too big.
# [[!tails_ticket 8253 desc="Ship a tool to quickly edit (resize...) pictures"]]
This could fit in the use cases, so we need a GUI tool for that. There are a
bunch of nautilus plugins that can do that, so next step is to test them and
pick one or none. Requirements: sanely developed and maintained upstream.
# [[!tails_ticket 8796 desc="Consider using the purple of the logo as background color"]]
We decided to ship a darker blue blackground. Someone building a proposal or
willing to lead a discussion about visual identity would be welcome.
# [[!tails_ticket 8696 desc="Consider hiding the TBB logo in Tor Launcher "]]
We will remove this logo, so ticket about using that envvar for that.
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