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Clarify how and when to use the dotfiles persistent feature in the docs.

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......@@ -193,12 +193,22 @@ you to reuse them during future working sessions, even offline.
<div class="text"><h2>Dotfiles</h2></div>
When this feature is activated, all the files in the
<span class="filename">Dotfiles</span> folder are linked in the <span
class="filename">Home Folder</span>.
This allows you to save in the persistent volume the configuration files of
other programs than the ones proposed by the existing features.
When this feature is activated, all the files in the <span
class="filename">/live/persistent/XXX_unlocked/dotfiles</span> folder
are linked in the <span class="filename">Home Folder</span> (files in
subfolders of <span class="filename">dotfiles</span> are also linked
in the corresponding subfolder of your <span class="filename">Home
Folder</span>). The `XXX` in the above should be something like `sdb2`
but since there will only ever be one folder in <span
class="filename">/live/persistent</span> there should be little risk
for confusion.
This option is useful if you want to make some specific files
persistent, but not the folders they are stored in. A fine example are
the so called "dotfiles" (and hence the name of this feature), the
hidden configuration files in the root of your home directory, like
<span class="filename">~/.git</span> and <span
Custom directory
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