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Release process: document bulk-edits for Redmine (Closes: #16588)

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......@@ -1316,8 +1316,15 @@ tracker. For a list of candidates, see:
* the "Fix committed" section on the *Release Manager View for ${VERSION:?}*
in Redmine.
Select these issues with the checkboxes in the first column, then
right click on the list to display the context menu, and finally
change the _Status_ there. Relationships between tickets will likely
prevent you from closing all these issues at once, but at least
you can process them in several smaller batches instead of one by one.
Postpone to next release any remaining open issue for the version
you've just released.
you've just released. Use the right-click contextual menu to do so in
one single batch.
Then, mark the just-released Redmine milestone as done: go to the
target version page, click *Edit*, and set *Status* to *Closed*.
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