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Rephrase bug reporting questions

- Be more explicit regarding the supported installation methods and
  possible media.
- Remove last two question which are already covered by #7.
parent 9579d902
......@@ -138,21 +138,18 @@
1. What exactly happens when trying to start? Report the complete error
message that appears on the screen, if any.
1. From which media are you trying to start Tails: DVD, USB stick
[[installed manually|doc/first_steps/installation/manual]], USB
stick [[installed with Tails
Installer|doc/first_steps/installation]], SD card? Keep in mind
that, we do not support any other installation method than the ones
listed above.
1. Are you trying to start Tails on a USB stick or a DVD?
1. If you are trying to start on a USB stick, which program did you
use to install it:
<span class="application">Universal USB Installer</span>,
<span class="application">GNOME Disks</span>,
<span class="application">Tails Installer</span>, or
<span class="command">dd</span> on the command line? Note that these
are the only supported installation methods.
1. Have you been able to start Tails successfully on this computer
before, from another media, or with another version of Tails?
before, from another USB stick or DVD, or with another version of Tails?
If so, which ones?
1. Does the same media start successfully on other computers?
1. Have you been able to start Tails successfully on the same computer
using different installation methods? For example, it might start from a
DVD but not from a USB stick.
1. What installation method did you use to set up Tails?
1. Does the same USB stick or DVD start successfully on other computers?
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