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Release process: document setting version manually

refs #17578
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......@@ -88,11 +88,13 @@ Note:
Export the following environment variables:
* version numbers (see [[contribute/release_schedule#versioning]]):
* `VERSION`: the version you're preparing (see
* `PREVIOUS_VERSION`: the last released version (which could be a release
candidate, in case you're preparing a major release)
* tags:
export VERSION=$(dpkg-parsechangelog -SVersion)
export TAG=$(echo "${VERSION:?}" | sed -e 's,~,-,')
export PREVIOUS_VERSION=$(dpkg-parsechangelog --offset 1 --count 1 -SVersion)
export PREVIOUS_TAG=$(echo "${PREVIOUS_VERSION:?}" | sed -e 's,~,-,')
* `NEXT_PLANNED_MAJOR_VERSION`: set to the version number of the next
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