Commit f1c2e3bc authored by Johan Blåbäck's avatar Johan Blåbäck Committed by intrigeri

Changing header in Thunderbird's prefs file indicating they are Tails' prefs (Refs: #16021)

parent 03ab2700
// This is the Debian specific preferences file for Mozilla Firefox
// You can make any change in here, it is the purpose of this file.
// You can, with this file and all files present in the
// /etc/thunderbird/pref directory, override any preference that is
// present in /usr/lib/thunderbird/defaults/pref directory.
// While your changes will be kept on upgrade if you modify files in
// /etc/thunderbird/pref, please note that they won't be kept if you
// do them in /usr/lib/thunderbird/defaults/pref.
// This is the Tails specific preferences file for Mozilla Thunderbird
// This file is parsed after the file containing the Debian defaults
// found in /etc/thunderbird/pref/thunderbird.js
pref("extensions.update.enabled", false);
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