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Test suite: look for the expected email's subject column.

Previously we looked for the whole line, but calling .click will
result in clicking in its middle which might be something that doesn't
give focus, e.g. the column for the message status (whether it was
read or not).
parent c6f3429a
......@@ -224,11 +224,7 @@ Then /^I can find the email I sent to myself in my inbox$/ do
inbox_view = hit_counter.parent
message_list = inbox_view.child(roleName: 'table')
the_message = message_list.children(roleName: 'table row').find do |message|
# The message will be cropped in the list, so we cannot search
# for the full message."Automated test suite:")
the_message = message_list.child(@subject, roleName: 'table cell')
# Let's clean up
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