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Add step to check if any packets have gone to the internet under the clearnet user's account.

parent 3b20af7a
......@@ -212,3 +212,24 @@ But /^checking for updates is disabled in the Unsafe Browser's configuration$/ d
prefs = '/usr/share/tails/unsafe-browser/prefs.js'
assert(@vm.file_content(prefs).include?('pref("app.update.enabled", false)'))
Then /^the clearnet user has (|not )sent packets out to the Internet$/ do |sent|
next if @skip_steps_while_restoring_background
pkts = 0
uid = @vm.execute_successfully("id -u clearnet").stdout.chomp.to_i
iptables_output = @vm.execute_successfully("iptables -vnL").stdout.chomp
output_chain = iptables_parse(iptables_output)["OUTPUT"]
output_chain["rules"].each do |rule|
m = /owner UID match \b#{uid}\b/.match(rule["extra"])
if !m.nil?
pkts = pkts + rule["pkts"]
case sent
when ''
assert(pkts > 0, "Packets have not gone out to the internet.")
when 'not'
assert_equal(pkts, 0, "Packets have gone out to the internet.")
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