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Document secrets format for XMPP/OTR tests.

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......@@ -112,3 +112,34 @@ bridges, for the `cert=... iat-mode=...` stuff, and the same for
This setting is required for `tor_bridges.feature` (requires types
`Bridge`, `Obfs2`, `Obfs3` and `Obfs4`) and `time_syncing.feature`
(requires type `Bridge` only).
### Pidgin
These secrets are required for some scenarios in
`pidgin.feature`. Here's an example which explains the format:
username: "test"
domain: ""
password: "opensesame"
username: "friend"
domain: ""
password: "trustno1"
otr_key: |
(name friend)
(protocol xmpp)
The XMPP accounts described by `Tails_account` (to be used in Tails'
Pidgin) and `Friend_account` (run via a bot from the tester host) must
be subscribed to each other but no other XMPP account. Also, for the
`Friend_account`, it's important that the `otr_key`'s `name` field is
the same as `username`, and that the `protocol` field is `xmpp`.
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