Commit ee6ff8d1 authored by intrigeri's avatar intrigeri

live-persist: don't backup empty configuration files (refs: #17112)

In some cases, the previous code would overwrite a non-empty backup file with an
empty one, making it harder to recover from the already painful #10976.

For example, if the permissions get wrong and we run
disable_and_create_empty_persistence_conf_file(), but the user does _not_
immediately fix the problem, then next time they unlock their persistence,
the (non-empty) backup gets overwritten by live-persist which replaces it with
the new, empty config file it created during last boot.
parent f68885ee
......@@ -259,14 +259,20 @@ disable_and_create_empty_persistence_conf_file ()
local conf="$1"
local mode="$2"
local dest="${conf}.insecure_disabled"
if [ -z "$mode" ]
mv "$conf" "${conf}.insecure_disabled" \
|| error "Failed to disable '$conf': $?"
if [ -s "$conf" ]
mv "$conf" "$dest" || error "Failed to disable '$conf': $?"
rm "$conf" || error "Failed to delete '$conf': $?"
create_empty_persistence_conf_file "$conf" "$mode"
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