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Simplify Wikipedia shortcuts

  - Translators can add a "desc" themselves if they need one.
  - These strings were already fuzzy in all the PO files so there's
    nothing to rescue.
  - The last shortcut [[!wikipedia GnuPG desc="Wikipedia: %s"]] is not
    inline in a sentence and so still deserves the "Wikipedia: " mention
    as its source.
parent 25ca34a7
......@@ -183,7 +183,7 @@ We believe that, instead, users should be given the final say when trusting a
website, and that designation of trust should be done on the basis of human
The OpenPGP [[!wikipedia Web_of_Trust desc="Web of Trust"]] is a
The OpenPGP [[!wikipedia Web_of_Trust]] is a
decentralized trust model based on OpenPGP keys that can help solving
this problem. Let's see this with an example:
......@@ -219,7 +219,7 @@ real-life interactions, the best is to get in touch with people
knowledgeable about OpenPGP and build trust relationships in order to
find your own trust path to the Tails signing key.
For example, you can start by contacting a local [[!wikipedia Linux_User_Group desc="%s"]],
For example, you can start by contacting a local [[!wikipedia Linux_User_Group]],
[[an organization offering Tails training|support/learn]], or other Tails
enthusiasts near you and exchange about their OpenPGP practices.
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