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......@@ -58,9 +58,7 @@ of them we need a few values:
- in the old mirror pool design, this would be
- in the new mirror pool design, this could be e.g.
`` (for mirrors who want to
use the unique VirtualHost we provide them), or something they
deal with themselves, e.g. ``
* weight: the probability this mirror has to be picked by the
dispatcher code, expressed as a non-negative integer; weight
......@@ -88,12 +88,12 @@ All downloads are currently served from a diverse pool of mirrors
(see the [[design document|contribute/design/mirrors]] for details).
Every HTTPS mirror makes our files available under a fixed URL
(e.g. `` or ``)
(e.g. ``)
that contains per-version sub-directories (such as
Alongside our mirror pool redirecting to mirrors using their own domain, we maintain
a DNS Round Robin pool for the `` host. This pool serves as a
a DNS Round Robin pool for the `` hostname. This pool serves as a
fallback, we add only a few fast and reliable mirrors to it.
We only accept mirrors that provide a SSL certificate deemed valid by
......@@ -107,20 +107,9 @@ a _dedicated_ hostname that is unique, within our mirror pool.
Furthermore, your web server should answer requests sent to ``
(your mirror could be added to our fallback mirror pool at any moment).
There are two ways to pick that dedicated hostname:
1. Use a hostname of your choice, under a domain you control.
For example, if you control ``, you can call your Tails
mirror ``. This is, by far, our preferred option:
* it allows you to maintain that DNS record yourself, e.g. whenever you
need to update your mirror's IP address;
* it saves us a lot of work :)
2. Use a hostname of our choice, under `` (e.g.
you may get ``). To do so, at the end of
this set of instructions, when it's time to ask us to add your
mirror to the pool, also ask us to create a dedicated hostname
for you.
Use a hostname of your choice, under a domain you control.
For example, if you control ``, you can call your Tails
mirror ``.
Manual set up
......@@ -147,7 +136,6 @@ from [Let's Encrypt]( for example.
<VirtualHost YOUR_WEBSERVER_IP:80>
ServerAlias *
RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^/?(.*) https://%{SERVER_NAME}/pub/$1 [R=permanent,L]
......@@ -186,7 +174,7 @@ Mozilla SSL Configuration Generator</a>.
#### nginx configuration example
server {
server_name *;
root /var/www/YOUR_PATH;
location / {
autoindex on;
......@@ -255,9 +243,6 @@ Go wild: ask for your mirror to be added to the pool
As soon as your web server is ready, please email us its IP address
so that we can add it to the Round Robin pool.
Also, if you decided to use a hostname under ``,
please ask us to create it at the same time.
<div class="note">
We will publish your email address, associated with the URL of your
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