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Release process: clarify instructions.

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......@@ -162,11 +162,13 @@ uBlock patterns and settings file
The patterns+settings file is stored as a SQLite text dump in
1. Boot Tails
2. Start the Tor Browser and open the uBlock dashboard by clicking on the uBlock icon.
3. Select the tab *3rd-party filters*
4. Click on the button *Update now* to update all used patterns
5. Close the Tor Browser
1. Start Tails
2. Start *Tor Browser*
2. Click on the uBlock icon and then click on the gears icon to open
the uBlock dashboard
3. Open the *3rd-party filters* tab
4. Click on the button *Update now* to update all filters
5. Close *Tor Browser*
7. Copy the `.tor-browser/profile.default/extension-data/ublock0.sqlite`
from this Tor Browser instance into the root of Tails' Git repo and
run the following command:
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