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Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

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......@@ -60,3 +60,8 @@ of identifying bits of the user.
It is unclear whether there is any facility for this in FireGPG. The FireGPG
API may enable it, so it should definitely be disabled (it's disabled by
default in Tails), but who knows what other stuff is in there.
> A set of mitigations are [[!taglink pending]] for 0.9.
> Fixing this for real implies to
> [[remove FireGPG|todo/symmetric_OpenPGP_vs_recent_Iceweasel]], which will
> come later.
......@@ -52,7 +52,8 @@ Things to be checked / researched
paper](; some of its recommendations need to be
discussed: [[!tag todo/discuss]]
- do we really want to encourage people to use PGP-inline?
- `mailnews.reply_header_authorwrote = %s` is uncommon
- `mailnews.reply_header_authorwrote = %s` is uncommon, see [the doc on
found answers
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