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Document which input methods are supported, and how.

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......@@ -748,6 +748,22 @@ are installed. Spell checking software and data is installed for the
set of best supported languages; it is usable at least is Iceweasel, and gedit.
### 3.3.1 Input methods
Tails ships with IBus and a few engines (Anthy for Japanese, Pinyin
for Chinese, Hangul for Korean).
A login script configures and enables IBus for all locales: it must be
started at login time to be fully usable (environment variables must
be set up); also, one may want to work on documents written in
Chinese, Japanese or Korean even when selecting English as their
preferred language.
When a Japanese, Chinese or Korean locale is selected, this login
script also selects the right default input method.
- [[!tails_gitweb config/chroot_local-includes/etc/X11/Xsession.d/80im-starter]]
## 3.4 Notification of security issues and new Tails release
Shipped in Tails is a script that checks at each desktop start if
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