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Sponsor S report: draft a couple missing bits.

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......@@ -97,7 +97,14 @@ In December, **788 ISOs** were tested by our Jenkins instance.
after each release, resulting in losing their automatic build and
test history. ([[!tails_ticket 10123]])
XXX: [[!tails_ticket 10717]], [[!tails_ticket 10507]]
We identified a concerning amount of test suite runs aborted on
Jenkins due to timeouts, investigated the root causes
([[!tails_ticket 10720]]), and mitigated the problem for the time
being. [[!tails_ticket 10717]]
Finally, we automated the way we compute statistics about our ISO
builds and test suite runs in Jenkins tracking progress.
([[!tails_ticket 10507]])
## B.3. Extend the coverage of our test suite
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