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......@@ -143,6 +143,22 @@ Cons:
pick a similar enough CPU we can reuse that.
* On-going cost for hosting this cluster.
* Intel: as of 2018-12-01, none of the eighth generation NUC8i7
support vPro, so the fastest models with vPro remain those, that
a [i7-8650U](
CPU, UCFF (4"x4") form factor, and 12-24 VDC DC input voltage:
- kit: [NUC7i7DNHE](,
- board: [NUC7i7DNBE](
* Other vendors have started selling UCFF boards/kits with fast CPUs.
* Similar smallish [[!wikipedia Computer_form_factor desc="form
factors"]] would be worth investigating, e.g. there are plenty of
[[!wikipedia Mini-ITX]] options on the market that could give us
the high density we need.
## Run builds and/or tests in the cloud
EC2 does not support running KVM inside their VMs yet. Both Azure and
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