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Update blueprint wrt. anonym's feedback.

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......@@ -58,6 +58,12 @@ little value.
3. generate set of APT sources [i]
* write automated tests for the generation of APT sources
- redirection when using the latest snapshot of a given origin
- We still need to support adding APT sources in
`config/chroot_sources/`, pointing to repositories that exist
outside of the freezable APT system, e.g. to point to a custom
or personal APT repository during early development phases, for
contributors who do not have the ability to upload packages to
any of the repositories we snapshot.
* implement the generation of APT sources
* plug the generation of APT sources into the build system
* implement
......@@ -419,7 +425,10 @@ superseded as soon as it can be. However:
can do it by the book with the custom backport option too, by going
through a topic branch and `config/APT_overlays.d/`, but it still
conveys less historical information through Git than the APT
pinning option.
pinning option;
* anonym NACK'ed this ("Please do not underestimate the added
overhead of having to rebuild packages for trivialities like
this"), and intrigeri agreed.
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